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Filming in India

Hiring a Fixer in India

Filming in India is made easier with the help of local media professionals that operate smoothly alongside your crew. By hiring a fixer in India, you will get help with the logistics, your film permits, or location management. The fixer will also provide other services for your production to go faster and more efficiently. Fixer India is your reliable helper while you shoot in the country, your one-stop shop for video production in the mysterious subcontinent of India.

Visa for India

Indian authorities may require you to apply for a visa before travelling to the country for tourism or work. This varies based on the country you are coming from. For example, citizens of the United States can travel to India with an e-Visa, offering multiple entries and stays of up to 180 days. UK visitors need to go through the same online process for their visas. Be sure to check the visa requirements for your citizenship before starting to plan your filming in India.

Film Permits in India

When it comes to film permits, these are usually required in India, especially when filming in places of interest. Monuments, historical places, or even natural parks require a permit from the crew so that they can film. When it comes to permits, ask your fixer in India for help. Our local professionals will know exactly how to get the permits you need. They will cater to your exact needs and thus keep you within legal norms when filming in the country.

Special equipment renting info

Although India is well supplied with filming equipment everywhere in the large cities, should you need to rent some extra gear, we will help you with the task. Just ask your film fixer for advice on where to go for equipment rental shops. Fixer India collaborates with local resellers, ensuring local prices for any purchase. When it comes to drones, you can fly them only through local professionals with special permission from the government.

Cultural facts

And while talking about the rules of filmmaking in the country, such as getting your film permits in India, another point worth mentioning is the one about cultural norms. India is a populous country with unique social laws and cultural norms. Never point the soles of your feet towards another person, a temple, or a deity. Also, never touch an Indian on the head, as it is considered supremely rude. Indians are curious people, and will generally prove to be hard-working and nice.

Weather when filming in India

As a general rule, it is hot in India. Sometimes, it is so hot the government issues health warnings for the people to stay inside for days on end. There are six different climates on the subcontinent, so planning your trip appropriately is crucial for filming in India. The right time to come and shoot in India is in the winter when the temperatures are cool and you can film without the scorching heat. Days are a little shorter over winter so plan accordingly. 

Tax rebate in India

Many countries around the world offer tax incentives to foreign filming crews when they develop productions within their borders. At the time of writing this, there is no tax rebate issued by the Indian government to foreign production crews. Laws that talk about filming incentives are always subject to change. simply ask your fixer in India about the situation of tax incentives at the time of your production in the country.

Conclusion on filming in India

Filming in India is a much easier task when you have the right help by your side. When in the country, hiring a fixer in India is the right way to go for anything related to media production. Our company is working with local professionals to ensure you are serviced throughout your project.

We will take care of your film permits, and help you with locations, logistics, as well as everything else you might need. If you are ready to come film in incredible India, let us know right away. Fixer India is reachable by email. All you have to do is send us an email with the brief of your project. One of our team representatives will get back to you soon.

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